EggMonkeyEver sit at work or find yourself having a conversation with someone when a thought enters your mind that you don’t want to let go but you can’t afford the time to disengage to deal with it? It happens to me all the time. My bosses and coworkers and my wife have found it rather annoying. So in order to deal with it, I have to jot things down and come back later to flesh out the idea.

I love words. I like to play with them. I’ve always said that I wanted to write, teach, and preach. My current role as a minister allows me to do all of that and support my family. A website or blog allows me to have a little more fun with words on my own time.

This is my playground. This is my catch-all pail or journal, the place where I can capture my thoughts before they simply disappear.

Why “Egg Monkey” ?Why not?